Corporate History

Corporate History


ABC-MART started out kokusai Boeki Shoji inc., a trading company specializing in the import and sale of shoes and other apparel. Guided by a business strategy of anticipating the needs of each generation, covering everything from product development to store expansion and reorganization, ABC-MART is an enterprise expanding into every part of Japan and growing in scale overseas. This continuing robust expansion testifies to the power of our enterprise vision.

  • 1985 >>

    ・Kokusai Boeki Shoji inc. is established in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo.

  • 1986 >>

    ・Concluded an agency contract with G.T. Hawkins Limited
    for exclusive sales rights in japan.

  • 1987 >>

    ・Moved to Arakawa-ku,Tokyo.Company name changed to
    International Trading Corporation (ITC).

  • 1990 >>

    ・ABC-MART, established (reorganized as a joint stock company in 1997).
    ・Four stores opened in Tokyo, including the 3 ABC-MART stores in the Ameyoko area of Ueno, Tokyo.
    (ABC-MART ichigo-ten, ABC-MART Ueno, and ABC-MART Honten) and the Gallop store in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

  • 1991 >>

    ・ITC concluded an agency contract with Vans, Inc. for exclusive sales rights of Vans brand products in

  • 1994 >>

    ・ITC acquired the rights to use the VANS trademark in Japan to develop trademarkd products.

  • 1995 >>

    ・ITC acquired the Hawkins trademark.

  • 1996 >>

    ・Celebrities Takuya Kimura and Nene Otsuka chosen to advertise Hawkins Air Cushion shoes.

  • 1998 >>

    ・Moved to Jinnan,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo.
    ・Hawkins Air Light and Hawkins Traveller developed, opening new markets for business-use shoes and
    walking shoes.

  • 2000 >>

    ・Hawkins Sport leather sneaker developed.
    ・Initial public offering on JASDAQ.

  • 2001 >>

    ・SG shoes Co., LTD. (a franchisee of ABC-Mart in western Japan) is reorganized as a wholly owned
    subsidiary of ABC-MART.

  • 2002 >>

    ・ITC absorbed ABC-MART,Co., Ltd. and changed its name to ABC-MART,INC.
    ・ABC-MART,INC. was listed on first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    ・Subsidiary company ABC-MART KOREA,INC. was established in South Korea.

  • 2003 >>

    ・ABC-MART opened in South Korea.

  • 2004 >>

    ・ABC-MART,INC. absorbed two of the subsidiary companies.
    ・ABC-MART,INC. inherited business of World Sports Plaza.

  • 2005 >>

    ・Ladies brand NUOVO collection developed.

  • 2006 >>

    ・First ladies shop NUOVO opened in Shibuya.

  • 2008 >>

    ・Mega Stage, the Company’s first large size general shop handling apparel and other goods as a tenant
    store, is opened.

  • 2009 >>

    ・The Company opened a store specializing in Nike products in Grandberry Mall in Machida-Shi, Tokyo.
    ・First ABC-MART store opened in Taiwan.

  • 2010 >>

    ・ABC-MART GrandStage SENDAI opened in Sendai.
    ・ABC-MART,INC. subscribes for the take-over bid of the company’s own stock which
    UNITED ARROWS LTD. carries out, and sold off stocks
    ・ABC-MART,INC. raised the interest of the stocks of ABC-MART KOREA,INC. and ABC-MART TAIWAN,INC.

  • 2011 >>

    ・ABC-MART KOREA,INC. is reorganized as a wholly owned subsidiary of ABC-Mart.

  • 2012 >>

    ・ABC-MART GrandStage IKEBUKURO and ABC-MART GrandStage DiverCity TOKYO Plaza opened.
    ・ABC-MART,INC. acquired through a cash tender offer by, and subsequent short-form merger of, a wholly owned subsidiary of ABC-MART with and into LaCrosse
    ・First Danner outlet stores are opened

  • 2013 >>

    ・First domestic "ABC SHOE FACTORY" was established
    ・First Danner stores opened in the U.S.A.

  • 2014 >>

    ・Ladies new concept shop "Charlotte" opened in Shinjuku.
    ・LaCrosse Footwear,Inc. purchased White's Boots,Inc.
    ・Boots sale and repair shop "STUMP TOWN" opened in Shibuya.

  • 2015 >>

    ・Select shoes shop "ACE SHOES" opened.
    ・1,000 stores opend a store in inside and outside the country.

  • 2017 >>

    ・200 Stores opened a store in South Korea.
    ・New "ABC-MART SPORTS"casual sports fashion format opened.

  • 2018 >>

    ・Renewal of GRAND STAGE.

  • 2019 >>

    ・Milestone of 1,000 stores in Japan.

  • 2022 >>

    ・First Southeast Asia store opened in Vietnam.